Our Motivation

Easy to use software that trust countless

Email, calendaring and communication are more than mission critical services for the success of companies. The data that is transferred and stored in these services contain proprietary and private information from all parts of your business as well. Our solutions give you control over your data, your digital sovereignty.

People generate data every day. We at Kopano believe that the owners of data should have full control on where the data is stored, how it is secured and who can access the data. This is what we understand as data sovereignty for both individuals and user groups or organizations

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Our vision of digital sovereignty in its purest form is to operate a defined service including the management of its data in every step under full control. So data sovereignty is a requirement for any software service. The highest grades of digital sovereignty require lots of technical experience and know-how. If one is able to operate software in full digital sovereignty and it is proved that this software was built by using the same source code, there can be trust in the data sovereignty of this software being operated on an easier to manage platform or in the cloud.

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That’s why, for example, the source code of our Kopano Groupware is openly accessible. In our view, in order to achieve digital sovereignty, it is imperative that organizations have the ability to gain optimal visibility into where their data is stored. Our goal is to provide easy-to-use communication and collaboration software that can be operated in a digitally sovereign manner.