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We create open source communication and collaboration software. Our software is open source and designed to be selfhosted. The same software can also be made available in clouds. When using our software your organisation keeps a maximum of data sovereignty.

Kopano Groupware

Kopano Groupware is an e-mail and calendar software that offers a real alternative to Microsoft Outlook & Exchange. It is ready to be operated digitally sovereign. All components are open source. Kopano Groupware and all its components can be integrated into your own IT infrastructure, are available on platforms and ready for the cloud.


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Kopano Meet

Kopano Meet is a lean, open-source video conferencing software that can be operated in a digitally sovereign way. It is based on state-of-the-art technology. The complete solution is designed to be easily integrated into other solutions and portals.Kopano Meet is available on all end devices as a progressive web app and is therefore independent of the vendor’s stores.


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