Kopano Meet

Digital Sovereign Video Meetings

Digital sovereign video meetings mean providing users with secure communication channels on a system that is completely under your control. Kopano Meet is open source, lean, end-to-end encrypted and self-hosted. Thanks to progressive web apps, you don’t even need an app store to install a client.

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a man with a smartphone has a video meeting with a woman on her laptop

Video meetings. No more, no less.

With Kopano Meet you have video meetings with individuals or groups inside or outside your organization. You share a link to the meeting, nothing more is needed. Clever noise cancelling enables undisturbed meetings even without a headset.

  • End-to-End encrypted
  • Share screen or individual windows
  • Seamlessly switch devices while in a meeting

Kopano Meet on all devices

Runs on all devices without installation

Anyone can participate in a Kopano Meet-ing, whether on a Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or iOS device. The Meet client is a Progressive WebApp (PWA). That means it is hosted by you and any user can add the client on any device quickly and easily when the client is started. This makes you independent from the app stores of the individual providers and your users are always up-to-date.

  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Available as Progressive WebApp on all devices
  • Integrates into your IT infrastructure or platform

Kopano Meet Join

Our client-less video meetings require a service that shows the participants’ devices the communication path to the other participants. This is a challenge because the participants are behind different firewalls and direct access to their devices is not possible for good reason. To solve this is the job of a TURN server, which you can also operate yourself. Without this service, videomeetings outside your own subnet are not possible.

With Kopano Meet Join we offer a cloud service that makes this functionality available to you. The service must be configured once on the meet server and is then available to all participants.

The access to Kopano Meet Join is included in all commercial Kopano Meet editions.

Kopano Meet Boost

In a video meeting, each participant sees and is seen by all other participants. To do this, each participant must receive the video and audio data of all other participants, but also send them their own video and audio data in just as many data streams. This requires a lot of bandwidth and CPU power when meetings exceed a certain number of participants.

Kopano Meet Boost is a server that we offer to our enterprise customers to meet this challenge. It is a Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) that receives only one data stream from the sender and forwards it to all other participants. This drastically reduces the required computing power at the client and saves bandwidth. Thus, video meetings are also possible with 50 and more participants.

Kopano Meet Boost is still in beta state and may still contain errors