WebApp 3.0.1 release is available

July 25, 2016

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We’ve set a goal to make communication easier and faster, while providing a more enjoyable experience for the user. Over the past few months, and with the introduction of WebApp 3.0.0 some big steps were taken in this direction. It introduced a new (themable!) look & feel, improved the usage of shortcuts and made new filters available in the advanced search feature.

We have received quite some positive feedback from our customers and partners, as well as some points of improvement. A first maintenance release, version 3.0.1 is available as of today.

What is in this release?

This release also resolves a two important annoyances reported by our customers and partners:

  • WebApp now always sets focus to the ‘To:’ field, even if the ‘From:’ field is enabled
  • Keyboard control in the copy/move dialog has improved

This version also resolves a total of 15 bugs. All fixes are listed in the changelog, but to name a few:

  • HTML editor not fully loaded when creating a new mail
  • Unable to send email to distribution list with local contacts
  • Unable to delete calendar item while having sufficient privileges

Where can I get it?

This release is available on the Kopano Portal. Note that you will need your portal credentials to access these files.