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December 13, 2020

A working code in software development does not necessarily mean that it is “clean”. It has been observed that the maintenance period accounts for about 80% of the life of a software. The maintenance and further development of software is unnecessarily complicated.




Because of this problem, the term "clean code" is used. What does it mean?

  1. Clean Code means that the software is free of viruses.

    No, unfortunately that is not true.

  2. With Clean Code, the hardware is regularly cleaned with disinfectant.

    No, cleaning hardware has nothing to do with clean code.

  3. Clean Code means the comprehensible, traceable, logical and disciplined implementation of code.

    This is it. Originally the term was used by the author of the same titled book, Robert Cecil Martin. Clean Code means a foundation of values and its aim is to program a software code both efficiently and effectively and to ensure that it is readable, changeable, expandable and maintainable.  For some years now, a Clean Code Developer movement has been in motion, developing a comprehensive set of rules to promote appropriate awareness and discipline.

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