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December 17, 2020

The term “Corporate Digital Responsibility” has developed as a subfield from the concept of a company’s responsibility for the environment and society (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR). Digital responsibility is intended to strengthen trust and maintain competitiveness.



"... to strengthen trust and maintain competitiveness." What does this mean in particular?

  1. Data should be managed securely.

    Right, that is the first point in the CDR concept, but not the only one.

  2. The dissemination of data without the consent of those who provide their data should be excluded.

    Right, another important point in Corporate Digital Responsibility.

  3. Data should be made available for statistics or analyses relevant to society as a whole and offered to the public sector for further processing.

    That is also correct. One aspect of CDR relates to social responsibility and the common good.

    A small hint: All of the points mentioned are fulfilled through the use of open source solutions and therefore also promote digital sovereignty. If you like, dive deep into the related aspects in our article: