door no. 19

December 19, 2020

Education does not end with the school leaving certificate, we learn all our life.

The concept of “lifelong learning” has therefore also arrived in the corporate context, and therefore qualification is an integral part of human resources development. A large number of training courses can be completed online. Webinars, online workshops or also AI-supported CET are part of the portfolio of many providers.



What does the abbreviation MOOC mean in this context?

  1. “Master-of-Online-Certificate” – a certificate if you have completed at least 10 webinars within one month.

    Perhaps such a certificate does exist, but that is not what the abbreviation MOOC means.

  2. Mozilla Organisation Online Club

    Hm, what kind of club would that be? Access for Mozilla employees only? No, unfortunately wrong.

  3. Massive Open Online Course

    Correct. A Massive Open Online Course is an online lecture in a university context or in adult education with a very large number of participants (sometimes from many different countries). MOOCs are mostly free of charge and have no access restrictions, so the aim is to achieve the widest possible, low-threshold access to education for a large number of interested people.