DeskApp 2.0: Connect To Get Things Done On The Go

November 29, 2018

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Deskapps are getting more important in workday organization – all the more reason for additional happiness around the release of Kopano DeskApp 2.0, a big milestone in the development of the flagship client for Kopano. Aside from usage of many more modern tools like chat and video meetings, the ‘traditional’ email and calendar tasks take up more than 5 hours a week of my digital worktime spend. Therefore it is so important to me that DeskApp is designed for the way I work with my colleagues and external team members today. I see that our customers like that flexibility, integration and look and feel are identical on almost all platforms – and identical for all my team members.

With version 2.0 Kopano DeskApp integrates into desktops running Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is a stand-alone app similar to Microsoft Outlook, but much more flexible because it is web-based. Third-party applications such as Microsoft Office or LibreOffice can transfer prefabricated elements such as e-mails with attachments to the DeskApp. The handling of files was not so easy, because they are not processed in a local application. The DeskApp contains its own download manager, a preview module for attachments and can of course also open e-mail attachments with the standard desktop application for the respective file type. For EML files, i.e. locally stored e-mails, the DeskApp itself is the standard application. The DeskApp also includes optional server- and client-side spellcheckers.

In everyday office life, DeskApp provides functions that users of Microsoft Outlook are familiar with. It is much easier to administer, because updates of all functions except the deep integrations are carried out on the server side. Using DeskApp not only gives you the flexibility to select the best and most suitable platform for each workstation. It is also possible to integrate web-based third-party applications such as chat solutions, DMS or even WhatsApp into the DeskApp.

So now with Deskapp 2.0 almost all  features defined by our key customers and ourselves as important have been implemented during the 1.x cycle and are now available. Thanks for all the feedback and try it out.