Kopano Cloud in a Nutshell – a quick overview on various topics

December 1, 2023

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What is Kopano Cloud?

Kopano Cloud is a software stack that aims to deliver a similar groupware experience and functionality (email, calendar, contacts and tasks) as Microsoft Exchange does.

The key feature is first class support for Microsoft Outlook (from 2016 on, incl. MS 365, on Windows operating systems).

Build with multi tenancy and multi domain environments in mind, Kopano Cloud scales very well, even with 10th of thousands of users per server node – making it the ideal solution for even the most demanding needs.

Which services and protocols are provided / supported by Kopano Cloud?


  • Kopano WebApp – the integrated web client to access user data
  • Management UI – an administration interface to manage domains and users


  • MAPI over HTTP – connects and synchronizes Microsoft Outlook (on Windows operating systems) seamlessly without the need for any additional add-ons or plug-ins

  • ActiveSync – connects and synchronizes clients on mobile devices, e.g. Apple Mail App (iOS) and Google Gmail App (Android)

  • IMAP(S) – connects and synchronizes email clients, e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird

  • POP3(S) – lets clients retrieved email one-way without synchronization, e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird

  • SMTP(S) – used to submit emails from various clients to the server

Additional services

  • Autodiscover – an information service, which helps to configure clients automatically

  • Microsoft Graph-like API – enables Kopano Cloud to be hooked into your own management frontends

How is Kopano Cloud made available?

Kopano Cloud is available in different forms for different market segments:

Kopano Cloud Selected Partners offer Kopano Cloud as a service.

Kopano Cloud OEM Partners produce software appliances (and services around these), which can be used in on-premises scenarios and data centers alike.

How much does Kopano Cloud cost?

The reference end customer price for a mailbox with 25 GB storage as a service is 6,90 EUR per month.

Kopano Cloud Selected Partners may deviate from that price and/or provide options as well as value added services.

Please refer to the Kopano Cloud OEM Partners directly to get pricing information on their products. Each OEM Partner has a different focus on functionality provided by their appliance and therefor a different business model as well.

I would like to evaluate Kopano Cloud for my organization. Can I get a demo account for testing purposes?

Yes, this is possible. To apply for a demo account, please follow the blue ‘TEST IT!’ button in the header of this site, which will lead you to the application form.

We will get in touch with you soon after we have received your application.

For an evaluation of the OEM products, please get in touch with the Kopano Cloud OEM Partners directly.

I want to become a reseller. What do I need to do?

If you want to become a reseller for the service (Kopano Cloud  Selected Partner), please download and submit the Kopano Cloud Partner application. We will get in touch with you soon after.

If you want to resell an OEM product, please get in touch with the Kopano Cloud OEM Partners directly.

If you have something else in mind, please drop us a message at sales<at>kopano.cloud.