Kopano MEET is no longer actively offered!

March 28, 2022

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Kopano Meet has not always had an easy history with us in-house. But that alone would not have led to the discontinuation of sales. Corona and the mass distribution of competitor products in companies as well as the focus on important innovations are the main reason. There is hardly a company that has not relied on one of the well-known “big” solutions and is therefore no longer addressable for Kopano Meet. At the same time, focusing development resources on a new product helps us to move forward with it more quickly.

We are convinced that the basis of Kopano Meet is a well-developed piece of software on a current technology platform, which we will not lose sight of.

Nevertheless, we have decided to take the product, which is still available and can be installed at any time, out of distribution. This means users can still install and use it, but we will not provide any service in the form of support or bugfixes for this product.

We will also continue to use the product on a daily basis.