Spotlight: Three great 3rd party tools that work well with Kopano Cloud

December 1, 2023

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At the time of writing, we find the following tools to be fine additions, if used alongside Kopano Cloud. Each one serves a different purpose and can contribute to your email and groupware experience – so we definitely want to mention these here:


The name is very fitting, as the program can synchronize email data between IMAP-capable accounts. Thus it is really helpful tool in migration scenarios or proof-of-concepts and trials, when working with non-artificial data is required.

imapsync has been around for many years and has become one of the most highly regarded tools every system administrator in the email space should be familiar with. Let’s put it this way: There is a reason why this tool is available in many Linux distributions these days.

So if you are a system administrator and you do not know of imapsync yet, feel free to follow the link down below.


Mailvelope is a browser extension, which allows users to use their PGP keys in many email web clients, which applies to Kopano WebApp as well. So, if you are using Kopano WebApp and you want to use PGP based encryption to secure your conversations – this might the right tool for you.

To find out more, please visit Mailvelope via the link below.


Have you ever thought of enriching Mozilla’s Thunderbird with additional capabilities, like using protocols which are not supported by default? Well, you can – with TbSync.

Especially the ability to use ActiveSync to synchronize calendars and contacts is a small gem on it’s own and works quite well with combination with Kopano Cloud. Thus it turns Thunderbird clients in viable groupware end points.

Although clients like Outlook and Kopano WebApp exist, for some users Thunderbird has been (maybe even always) the undisputed groupware client. Now users of several personal preferences can easily work alongside each other – each one with their own preferred client.

If you recognize yourself among the Thunderbird user group, find out more about TbSync via the links below.


Your results and experiences with the beforehand mentioned tools may differ. Kopano B.V. can not and will not guarantee functionality of these tools. Although not likely, there is always a possibility of incompatibility in the future as well. The current point of view might not reflect a future state of the tools.

Kopano B.V. is not associated with any of the makers of the mentioned tools and has no influence on the tools whatsoever. Kopano B.V. can not be held accountable, if the tools do not function as advertised (by their makers) or even cause issues like data corruption and/or data loss.

Always use 3rd party tools at your own discretion / on your own risk.