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COVID-19: Free Access To Meet Video Conferencing During Coronavirus Crisis

Weeks into the coronavirus outbreak, the necessity of social distancing is as clear as day. People all over the world are working from home, some of them for the first time in their lives. We, just like many others, want to contribute to this remote way of life during the Coronavirus crisis and are therefore offering free access to Meet video conferencing.

Social Distancing, No Social Isolation

Now we are neither doctors nor virologists. But we want to help to ensure that the restriction of social contacts does not lead to complete isolation. Our video conferencing software allows you to look each other in the eyes while having online meetings in small groups over different devices (PCs with Windows, Linux, Macs, Android phones, iPhones, tablets, …). So you even can meet at the coffee machine when working from your home office – the only difference being you talking in front of different coffee machines at different places ;-).

Free Video Conferencing During Coronavirus Crisis

From now on a completely free accessible instance of our web conferencing software Meet is available at

Of course, anyone can use our open source software, but it requires some technical know-how. After all, a system must be set up and operated. We usually don’t do this work ourselves. However, because of the Coronavirus outbreak and its subsequent social restrictions, we decided to do make Meet easily accessible for anyone who needs it.

How To Access Meet Video Conferencing

  • Create a room at Conferencing During Coronavirus - Get Started
  • enter your own name:Meet Video Conferencing - Add Your Name
  • Allow the browser to access microphone and camera:allow browser to access microphone and camera
  • Share the room by clicking the three-stripes-menu:use three-stripe-menu to share link

And it’s as simple as that!

Important notes

  • The communication is encrypted and we do not store any video or audio data
  • On this server, the created meet rooms are public. If you know the link, you can join the meeting!
  • More meeting participants require more bandwidth from each individual meeting participant.
  • Your own Meet server with private rooms is available as Docker image or as Univention App.
  • And a user-manual for Meet is available here.


  1. Avatar Ivo says:


    Nice Idea :-)

    How can we share Files and have a chat to write something?

    • Andreas Andreas says:

      Ivo, thanks for commenting on my blogpost. Meet still is a very young product and we have all kinds of plans and ideas with it. Besides the idea to extent Files with functionality like chat we also consider integration-options with other tools like ownCloud, Nextcloud, Mattermost, Rocket.Chat or Riot/Matrix. With some we even did some trials already.

  2. Andreas, Thanks

    Vielen Dank


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