Real-time audio and video engineer

40 h/week | Leiden, Hannover, Stuttgart or anywhere else

  • Education: higher education level
  • Experience: 4 or more years
  • Salary: > € 65,000 per year

How can you help?

This project has its challenges and complexities. It will need to be (super-)scalable, deal with large amounts of data streams and ‘connect the dots’ when it comes to different devices, codecs and even technologies (plain old telephone). All of this in (near) real-time.

We are looking for software engineers with experience in the field of real-time video and audio encoding. Together with the team you will be working on a cloud-native multicast unit at this massive scale (potentially thousands of simultaneous sessions), contributing towards a digitally sovereign meeting solution that will be used by many, worldwide.

The challenges you will face

  • Cutting edge technologies in a stable & reliable product puzzled around dependencies;
  • You will go where no developer has ever been before;
  • Your code has to work in real time. Latency is your main enemy and you have to fight with bandwidth too.

What does a typical day look like?

Kopano sees a big benefit in the word ‘self-organized’ and focus on flexible work times. You join the stand-ups for your project, work on tickets belonging to this project and the rest of the day is free for your personal planning. You have freedom to decide where to work (office, home, …), there is a permanent interaction with colleagues via instant messaging and if needed/helpful video/audio calls. The basis for everyday work is – of course – our git (stash/bitbucket) & tickets assigned to your project / assignment.

Can you make the difference?

  • Yes, if you are experienced with real-time video and audio processing, for example from the video conferencing or gaming industry;
  • Yes, if you are experienced with highly performant programming languages such as Rust or Golang;
  • Yes, if you are experienced with serverless software development, microservice architecture and kubernetes;
  • Yes, if you are experienced with technologies like WebRTC, audio/video codecs, NATS, Kafka;
  • Yes, if you built a realtime application already;
  • Yes, if you manage your work-life-balance your own way. only our stand-ups are fixed meetings.
  • No, if your workday and the availability of your team-members has to start every day precisely at 8:00 and stops latest at 17:00;
  • No, if you are not good in syncing with others.

What's in it for you?

  • A market conform salary, depending on your skill and experience level
  • A good work/life balance, possibility to work from home a few days a week
  • Opportunities for personal development and growth
  • Secondary benefits such as holiday pay, 24 paid holidays, travel expenses, contributions to retirement funds
  • Many other things (often organized by colleagues!), like team events, sports activities and LAN parties

Who are we?

We are Kopano, an open source software vendor with over 10 years of experience in email and communications. Since communications in the business world these days is more than just email, we are bringing various communication technologies together in a single platform.

Our young and dynamic teams are situated in The Netherlands and in Germany. From these offices, we work together with hundreds of partners to serve thousands of customers worldwide, as well as with many worldwide experts in the field of open source development and various Linux

Heleen van Beek

Human Resources & Finance


Send an email to Heleen van Beek with your motivation letter and CV! Do you have questions? Feel free to schedule a personal talk!