Kopano Cloud Demo & Kopano Groupware Downloads

Kopano Cloud Demo

Here you can apply for a Kopano Cloud demo account on an instance provided by bytemine GmbH.

Kopano Groupware DeskApp Download

Here you can download the Kopano Groupware DeskApp.

Kopano Cloud Demo Account [B2B]

We offer our partners, existing and prospective customers [B2B] the opportunity to get a demo account on a Kopano Cloud system.

Interested parties will receive access to a demo system operated by bytemine GmbH and can thus test the WebApp, the connection of additional clients such as Outlook or mobile devices, as well as the basic user administration. Many partners and customers have already taken advantage of this option. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the Kopano Cloud product.

To apply for a demo account, please fill out the form via the link down below.

Kopano Cloud Demo (B2B)

Kopano Groupware DeskApp Download

Down below you’ll find download options for the Kopano DeskApp, which can be used in conjuction with Kopano Goupware as an alternative desktop client.

Please note: This software is compatible with Kopano Groupware only – it will not work with Kopano Cloud.