groupios – the new product of our OEM-Partner TUXGUARD GmbH

December 13, 2023

Leiden, December 13, 2023Kopano and TUXGUARD combine the topic of email from different directions. TUXGUARD GmbH has a strong focus on email security and Kopano provides MS Outlook-compatible groupware. As an OEM partner, TUXGUARD has been closely involved in the development of Kopano Cloud for a year, so that the solution called “groupios” offers a good combination of comprehensive email security and Kopano Cloud. It will be available from TUXGUARD GmbH from January.

Advantages of groupios – Complete overview of the email stack

The open source-based software solution groupios includes an email security gateway that acts as a filter system and efficiently protects against spam, malware, ransomware and phishing. At the same time, the administration has a wide range of tools at its disposal in a clearly structured console, which makes it easy to manage even widely branched or international email architectures; groupios is also multitenant-capable.

Extended Groupware Application, EGA for short

The Extended Groupware Application, EGA for short, based on Kopano Cloud offers familiar functions such as calendars, notes and contacts. Various security features such as end-to-end encryption reliably protect data traffic. A WebApp and native MS Outlook support are available as clients. Mobile devices with iOS or Android, for example, can access groupios with the latest ActiveSync version.

groupios suite for comprehensive email security specifically for the public sector

With groupios, TUXGUARD is responding to multiple requests from the public sector for GDPR-compliant data storage, preferably in Germany. groupios can be operated locally or in data centers, depending on the client’s specifications. The development of groupios was carried out in Schleswig-Holstein, and it has been supported from the start by the state of Schleswig-Holstein through WTSH Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH.


“With TUXGUARD GmbH, we have an established partner on the market as an OEM partner who, with the groupios Suite, is placing particular emphasis on the topic of email security,” says Daniel Rauer, Managing Director of bytemine GmbH, which has been responsible for operational sales and marketing for Kopano as a Premier Distributor since November 2021. “Our colleagues at TUXGUARD have been successful in the market with their products for a long time and, as OEM partners, have relied on the new Kopano Cloud even before it came onto the market.”

groupios is distributed via partners

groupios is distributed via a partner network. Billing is based on a subscription model with monthly billing by the partners. This allows customers to react flexibly to their own requirements and control their needs precisely at all times.