Kopano supports Univention Corporate Server 5.0

July 22, 2022

The first version of this blog text has been in my “drawer” since February this year. No matter what we did, however, we would not and could not finish the release.

Of course, when more than one company is involved and many dependencies have to be taken into account and it is not always clear who has to do what, changes of responsibility and “last but not least” vacations and Corona.

The whole procedure could not have been worse for us. But we persevered and today we can announce that we have finally finished the support for Univention Corporate Server 5.0.

Due to the massive changes in the entire substructure, any installed WebApp plugin will have to be reinstalled manually after the upgrade; apart from that, no manual work is necessary.

With the support of UCS 5.0, we are fulfilling the frequently expressed wish to support this popular base for Kopano again in the long term.

Many thanks to many helping hands and heads from different areas!