Kopano ONE notice of termination

February 17, 2022

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Kopano ONE is no longer offered!

What sounds like a drumbeat, is actually none. Well: in a way it is for those who relied on a Kopano ONE last year, because there are no more updates and sometimes some persistent messages about expired keys. But we provide a migration path from Kopano ONE to Kopano Groupware. Customers using Kopano ONE have already been informed and were provided with a new license for Kopano Groupware. Those who had a test key and did not convert it to a valid subscription should not be affected due to the lifetime of the test key.

By the way, no customer is affected by this discontinuation who installed a Kopano ONE via the Univention AppCenter, because in all cases known to us, this was a Kopano groupware called only Kopano ONE.

Overall, this announcement affects very few customers or partners and that is exactly the reason why we have decided to discontinue the Kopano ONE Edition offer:

In the beginning, the product was absolutely identical to the Kopano groupware, so only the compilation in a “package” for easier installation of the overall system was a measurable added value. But over time, both versions diverged, the effort for the maintenance of both versions grew, but the added value for customers hardly.

At the same time, we obviously overestimated the need among our partners: hardly anyone needed this form of Kopano ONE to provide their customers with a Kopano.

We now draw the consequence from the situation and have removed Kopano ONE completely from our web pages, you can no longer get a test installation or extend a test license. Also the purchase of a license for an existing system is no longer possible.
If someone has not been contacted by us by mistake, please feel free to contact us, we will try to make the best out of this situation.