Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.25

February 23, 2022

This version fixes some bugs and contains an improvement, it comes out at the same time as the new version of the WebApp (WA 5.3).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, unfortunately this is not possible. ActiveSync is designed to synchronize one account at a time. If the access data to the shared mailbox is known, it could be included separately.
The Kopano DeskApp will not be available for Kopano Cloud at launch. If and when it will be available for Kopano Cloud is not finally decided.
The WebApp available at launch will still be based on PHP 7. A port to PHP 8 is already in development.
No, Z-Push is no longer used for connecting mobile devices. A separate push service has been implemented in Kopano Cloud.
Kopano Basic includes a minium of 10 users and Kopano Professional includes a minimum of 20 users in its base packages. For Kopano Enterprise it is 50 users. Our licenses for additional users increase by an increment of 5 users.
Please send us your question via the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you want to reach out to us on specific / longer topics, please use our contact form!