Kopano WebApp 5.0.0

April 7, 2021

WebApp 5.0.0 comes with a whopping >90 improvements and bug fixes. Our main focus was to improve the mail header, adding initials, contact photos and a redesign of the contact card. With a critically look we've improved the stability changes of the OIDC implementation and we've added builds for Ubuntu 20.04 and RHEL8.  Curious about more changes? Click the changelog button for a complete overview.

Config changes:

  • Option added to disable iconsets
  • Option added to disable themes
  • Option added to disable widgets (and with it the today context)
  • Option removed to enable/disable conversation view. User setting is now always visible in settings. Default disabled.
    Important to note when upgrading from an older version:
  • Lots of config options are renamed for consistency purposes. Read more: https://forum.kopano.io/topic/3495/webapp-upcoming-config-php-changes

Setting changes:

  • Setting added to disable the widget panel on the right side (Settings → General → Display)
  • Setting added to disable folder hierarchy search bar added in KW-3639 (Settings → General → Display)
  • Two new file preview settings added in KW-3618 (Settings → General → File previewing)

Dependency changes:

  • Added dependency for php-gd

Reminder for upcoming versions: