Kopano WebApp 5.2.0

July 22, 2021

This version includes a slightly larger number of bug-fixes as well as two improvements

The following Improvments and bug-fixes are part of the release:


KW-1867 Show categories in contact business card view KW-3697 Show gab contact images in mail header for all fields




KW-505 Shared folder removed from favorites if entire store is added
KW-1791 Manage category dialog shows unwanted dot
KW-1936 Earlier applied permissions showing in profile drop down of permission tab in properties
KW-2180 Changes in display name of a contact can not be saved
KW-2200 Do not copy private appointments
KW-3292 Reply-to address used in ‘create rule from email -> move messages from sender’
KW-3727 Missing sendas section in webapp settings json
KW-3731 Mails are printed with a smaller margin
KW-3732 Broken vcard parsing in libical
KW-3735 Unable to add recipients to distribution list
KW-3740 Import vcf file wrongly claim file as invalid
KW-3744 Php-mapi: mapi error: interface not supported
KW-3746 Invalid value in pr_rtf_compressed does not load email in webapp
KW-3747 Meeting request: removed participants are still invited