First beta release of Mattermost installation packages by Kopano

June 30, 2017

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The integration of Mattermost within Kopano marks the first step in Kopano’s mission to deliver a seamless communication and sharing experience across all devices from one unified, self-hosted platform under your control. Mattermost helps you and your teams increase productivity by delivering real-time chat in team-based communication channels. It provides the ability to securely share information, files and content from dozens of your commonly used business applications instantly. Using DeskApp, a browser or an app on your mobile: real-time communication is now available without compromising privacy or control of your data.


Whats different from the packages available directly from Mattermost?

Kopano Mattermost packages allow for an easy installation and update of Mattermost and come in two flavours providing the Mattermost Team edition and the Mattermost Enterprise edition, with the ability to easily switch between these packages. And since we believe in the positive effect of ChatOps in all kind of businesses, the packages provided can be installed regardless if Kopano is already installed in your environment or if it is used at all.

Planned features for the next version

A deeper integration in the Kopano stack will form the next step of our efforts. Examples of research include sharing relevant ‘Kopano content’ such as emails, calendar items or contacts in a Mattermost channel or direct message, making discussions and channels available in DeskApp and WebApp with limited context switching and keeping the user up to date on latest talks and discussions and an easily accessible window into their Mattermost world.

These integrations will be made available as optional packages for all Kopano users at a later stage.

Feedback & Download

The Kopano Matternost packages can be easily configured as a package repository  on your existing Kopano installation and an initial installation documentation  is available to easily get you started. Let us know what you think by sending an email to , or posting over at our new Mattermost Sub-Forum.