Kopano Active Directory Extension 1.0 beta is available

October 25, 2016

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During our conference we have announced to make available an Active Directory (AD) extension, which we are releasing today as beta. Kopano AD Extension provides the ability to manage Kopano objects directly from the native “Active Directory Users and Computers” MMC-based management utility, which most Active Directory administrators are used to with Administration.

What is in this release?

This release provides the ability to manage any from Kopano Core usable object:

  • Kopano Users
  • Kopano Groups
  • Kopano Addresslists
  • Kopano Dynamic Distribution Lists
  • Kopano Computers (For usage with Multi-Server support)
  • Kopano Companies (For usage with Multi-Company support)

Next to these objects, we also provide the ability to modify Zarafa objects by a registry setting which administrators can set to easily migrate Zarafa environments to Kopano.

In this first version we have included translations for English, Dutch and German. The list of supported languages are going to be extended over time.

You can find the packages at the usual location: the portal and the download server. As part of Kopano Core, we have updated the corresponding documentation!

What is missing for final?

Our intention is to provide the ability to modify multiple objects at the same time to allow the easy modification not only of single objects.

This is beta, can I use it?

While also our beta releases are going through intense QA, we do not recommend the usage of beta software on production environments. With the case of a non-reversible schema modification with Active Directory, we ensure that especially the new Kopano AD schema has received final-level QA to make sure no modifications to this schema version are required for final version.

Got feedback?

Let us know! Contact our support team, send an email to  or open a forum topic.