Kopano Core 8.1.0 beta 1 is available with Ubuntu 16.04 support

July 13, 2016

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Kopano Core 8.1.0 beta 1 is available. With this release we introduce support for Ubuntu 16.04, which also provides support for:

  • PHP 7
  • MySQL 5.7

Besides Ubuntu 16.04 support, we have also made other improvements such as speeding up the login procedure and also included some database optimisations. For more details, please refer to these two tickets:

  • KC-58 Optimize properties update candidates by using “INSERT … ON DUPLICATE KEY” syntax instead
  • KC-6 Kill slow PR_LAST_LOGON_TIME accounting

With these improvements, the logon authentication mechanism (used by any interface or client) has improved by as much as 150% in realistic scenarios and therefore speeds up any Kopano client, such as WebApp and DeskApp.

As usual, we’ve included many other stability and optimization fixes, such as resolving memory leaks (KC-12, KC-72), fixed some ldap_search timeout issues (KC-74), optimized ICS (KC-52) and many other smaller fixes.

To view the whole changelog, please click here.

Please note that WebApp on Ubuntu 16.04 will be supported from future version 3.1.0

This means that for the moment a full stack on a single Ubuntu 16.04 is not yet possible, but WebApp 3.1.0 will be introduced as soon as possible.

Where can I download this new build?

Packages are available via our portal.

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