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Kopano Core 8.1.1 final with restore options for deleted items from backups

Today we would like to announce the availability of Kopano Core 8.1.1. This release introduces a new parameter and default behaviour for kopano-backup, that resolves the issue we notified you of two weeks ago (items in softdelete are not backed up by kopano-backup). Starting with this release, items in softdelete are no longer removed from the backup files when performing an incremental backup. The new parameter allows the administrator to determine when to purge these items from a backup and also enables restoring previously deleted items from these backups. You are not required to modify your backup scripts and processes to benefit from these changes.

In addition, some of the changes and improvements to kopano-backup and python-kopano that were already part of the last 8.2.0 beta have also been backported to this release. Check out the full changelog here. You can find the packages at the usual location: the portal and the download server.


Let us know! Contact our support team, send an email to moc.o1603572113napok1603572113@kcab1603572113deef1603572113 or open a topic in our new forum.

Felix Bartels
Felix Bartels

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