Kopano Core & Archiver 8.3.3 final is now available

August 11, 2017

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As the name implies Kopano Core sits at the heart of every Kopano environment and is therefore a key figure in our promise to deliver stability and extensibility of Kopano’s proven communication platform. This minor release adds fixes for showing reminders from shared folders in some legacy clients, restores internal functionality required for softdelete and quota monitoring and improves on the kopano-gateway fix to delivers emails to Apple Mail.

What is new?

Disable reminders for shared stores for legacy clients

Some older clients started showing reminders from shared stores with the 8.2 update. Starting with 8.3.3 those reminders are not shown anymore.

Restore functionality of internal scheduler

With introduction of many optimizations the internal scheduler used for softdelete cleanup and quota monitoring was not functioning correctly. With 8.3.3 this has been fixed. Please have a look at the recommendations below, since there could be some impact for certain environments.

Avoid multi-stream gzip files

With this release we make sure that there are no more multi-stream gzip attachments created, providing also less upgrade issues with installations upgrading from ZCP.

Actions recommended before upgrading

Softdelete cleanup

It is expected that the first run will require some time (and depending on database tuning) could very well impact performance of your system. So for everyone who is using the internal mechanism and is not cleaning up softdelete through a daily cron job (as recommended), we recommend to run “kopano-admin –purge-softdelete <days>” once manually before updating to this release. We also recommend to do this operation in a rather low-usage time period, since some performance impact will occur. Please note that depending on the data that has to be removed it might take some time for this operation, which means that the command “kopano-admin –purge-softdelete <days>” might seem to abort – This is normal behavior of the kopano-admin client utility to disconnect after some time – The cleanup operation continues in the background and can be monitored by kopano-stats –top

Changes to Quota Handling

While working on “KC-773 – monitor: segfault when sending quote report” we discovered a bug where the kopano-monitor is not able to deliver quota warning mails to stores that are already over their hard limit. The temporary fix for this has the side effect of allowing the kopano-dagent to continue delivering emails to stores that are over their hard quota. We prioritized the possibility to be notified about reaching your hard quota higher than enforcing the hard quota. We will continue to work on a fix to enforce the hard quota again for kopano-dagent for the next version.

Where do I get the packages?

The packages can be found in the repositories, the portal and the download server (all require login). You can find the latest development version of Kopano Core on the community download site. .

We are really looking forward to your feedback on this version as this will help us further improve and adapt Kopano Core and Kopano Archiver to fit the required needs best. Let us know what you think by sending an email to , or posting over at our new Kopano Forum.