Kopano Releases April 2019

May 13, 2019

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Groupware Core 8.7.1

In April we pushed the 8.7.1 release into the final download repository. Pushing it out took a bit longer than anticipated since we were chasing after two bugs related to caching.

Kopano Releases April 2019 - Core
The Kopano 8.7 release introduced support for 4-Byte UTF-8 Unicode Encoding (utf8mb4). During testing it became clear that the MySQL version supplied by RHEL 6 is too old to understand this encoding, therefore, packages for RHEL 6 are to this day still missing for the 8.7 release. For the next minor release (8.7.2) we have already adapted the internal database upgrade to not perform this conversion.

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Kopano Releases April 2019 - WebApp

WebApp 3.5.5

In the latest WebApp release we added OIDC support. Three new config options are added to configure OIDC: OIDC_ISS, OIDC_CLIENT_ID and OIDC_SCOPE. Keep in mind this feature is still in beta and needs Kopano Core >= 8.7.0. We also fixed bugs like the contact folder that was not translated into German and the shared folders that jumped positions in favorites.

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DeskApp 2.2

In DeskApp 2.2 we added an unread mail indication in the tray icon and in the taskbar icon. We also fixed a bug with EML opening on 32b Windows builds.

Kopano Releases April 2019 - DeskApp
Furthermore, a new setting was added to clear cache when DeskApp is closed. This setting can be found in the DeskApp settings in the General tab.
Last but not least we made some stability fixes regarding download and proxy behavior and added a “remove from to-do list” button (which can also be found in WebApp). Please note that due to a reported bug we uploaded builds 2.2.3.

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Kopano Releases April 2019 - Mobile Device Manager

Mobile Device Manager 2.1.1

In MDM 2.1.1 we made sure that shared public folders are visible on your mobile device and that the managed shared folders dialog is closed when selected.

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