Kopano Releases March 2018

April 9, 2018

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It’s this year’s third release blog already. Last month’s highlights: a lot of WebApp releases and serious work done by the Z-Push team. Read further for more details.

Z-Push 2.4.0

After some serious development and testing, the Z-Push team has released the final version of 2.4.0. Its main feature is the support of a new ActiveSync protocol version: 14.1. This version of the protocol improves the support for mobile devices and adds improvements like the displaying of pictures from the Global Address Book on devices that support it.

User-based logging (WBXML) has also been changed: for each user that is configured as a ‘special log user’, every user/device combination is logged to a separate log file for easier analysis.

Important to know is that from version 2.4.0 onwards, Z-Push will no longer be released as a tarball anymore and we recommend to use the repositories whenever possible. The repositories now also contain configuration packages for Nginx (with PHP-FPM support).

Version 2.4.0 has received contributions from many persons in the community in form of feedback, bug reports and lots of code contributions. Andreas, Bart, Chris, Christian, Karl, Michael, Nicolas, Roel, Vincent, Yano: thanks a million!

Check out the changelog

Kopano Releases - WebApp

WebApp 3.4.8, 3.4.9, 3.4.10

Three WebApp releases have been made available during the course of March. Besides improving the handling of scaled inline images (in editor and preview window) you can now set a custom default appointment duration. The new WebApp versions also contain a lot of groundwork for the 3.5 release, which will introduce message grouping and the importing/exporting of items.

In March we’ve also resolved a bunch of issues reported by our partners and community, such as the storing of Category colors and settings, shared rules not working with special types of users, improved handling of attached Kopano items and the way dates are displayed in the search results.

For more information check out the changelog

Smaller Releases

Files 2.1.2 final implements the second part of attaching items from your Files storage and improves the handling of sharing files with an expiration date. Web Meetings 3.0.4 improved the behavior of the application – reducing the amount of processing power required to have a web meeting, therefore also reducing battery drain. Groupware Core has seen quite a few minor releases in March, resolving issues that have been reported by our partners and community.

For more information check out the changelog