Kopano Releases May 2018

June 21, 2018

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Kopano Releases - WebApp

Kopano WebApp 3.4.13, 3.4.14, 3.4.15

WebApp has seen three releases in the month of May, taking additional steps into the direction of a WebApp 3.5 release. One of the main improvements in these releases is the ability to import emails (in EML format) to a folder by uploading them. This is part of the import/export feature set that we are developing for the next big release.


User control has been improved by adding a ‘share folder’ menu item to the context menu of mail folders, allowing you to point to the permissions tab of the folder properties dialog in one click. Publishing of free/busy information can now be disabled in WebApp (however, you should be aware that your other clients, such as ActiveSync clients might still publish free/busy information and need to be configured separately). Last, but not least a ‘hovercard’ has been implemented, providing details about a sender or recipient when hovering an email address or name in the email preview window.

In addition, the new versions include UI improvements related to translations, highlighting and distribution list behavior in Internet Explorer 11.

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Files 2.1.3

This new release of Kopano Files comes with an updated php-libsmbclient library (a dependency for the SMB backend) which provides better stability and performance. Performance in general has been improved by refactoring activities.

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Kopano Releases - WebApp

MDM 2.1

Mobile Device Management 2.1 has been released as a final during May. The focus of this release is to improve the integration of MDM with Z-Push and its folder management features. Double clicking a device (mobile or Outlook) in the device list should display its properties in detail (including the number of shared folders). You can manage (add/remove) shared folders and calendars on any connected device.

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Smaller Releases

The Kopano Core 8.5.9 release focused primarily on bug fixes to server components and the kopano-dbadm utility. DeskApp 1.9 has also been released and reinstates support for the Collax portal.

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