Web Meetings 3.0.0 beta is available

November 3, 2016

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Web Meetings delivers new window- and meeting-management.

Kopano’s communication and sharing stack enables users to meet online with High Definition video and equally impressive audio, based on open source WebRTC.

With the new window- & meeting-manager and improved invitation system users can set up and track face to face meetings effortlessly. Whether they want to connect to colleagues, partners or someone else, a video meeting in the WebApp or DeskApp is set up with a few simple clicks.


Window- and meeting-management

Previously we introduced the option for external windows, giving users the option to use Web Meetings outside of the WebApp. This release introduces a drop-down menu to manage and track all your meetings and windows.

This menu gives you an overview of all your current meetings, their occupants and shows which meeting is live, all from within the WebApp and Deskapp.

Clicking on a meeting will refocus your browser to the selected meeting-window.

External windowwebmeetings_window

When users log in to Web Meetings, after the upgrade to Web Meetings 3.0.0, they can choose where to open the Web Meetings window by default; inside the WebApp (the same as in previous releases) or in a new window. The choice is saved and Web Meetings will open in the chosen window from then on. To change the default behavior disable and re-enable the Web Meetings plugin.

Sound control

Another feature we added in this version is sound control. In the drop-down menu you can now choose to disable audio prompts of Web Meetings like incoming calls and messages. This does not influence the audio of meetings themselves.

Where can I get the new Web Meetings?

The packages for Kopano Web Meetings are available via the Portal or in the repository. For more information on installation and configuration, please refer to our documentation.

We’d love to hear what you think!

We’ve had some great feedback on Web Meetings and its implementation and we are always looking for more.

When you give this beta a try and find an issue, or think of a nice improvement, please let us know by sending an email to .