WebApp 3.2.0 RC 1 is now available!

December 15, 2016

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Making communication easier, faster and more enjoyable is an ongoing process. While WebApp 3.2.0 is still a work in progress, two beta versions have already been made available and they are quite feature packed! Among other things, the first beta introduced support for new mail filters and rules, provides suggestions for search keywords and much more. The second beta introduced the often requested feature of showing notifications for new unread email in sub-folders of your own store. We are now close to releasing WebApp 3.2.0, and the last stepping stone towards that release is the version we are making available today: WebApp 3.2.0 RC 1.

What’s new?

The focus for this release candidate has been resolving some bugs that have been reported to our feedback team () after the release of the beta versions. The most frequently reported issues that have been resolved are:

  • The ‘check names’ dialog sometimes doesn’t show email addresses when resolving a name to a local contact
  • Translated strings for the login page are not shown
  • The subject of an email cannot be selected when using Firefox

More details about the changes between the latest beta release and this version can be found in the changelog.

Where can I get the packages?

The packages have been synchronized to the repositories, the portal and the download server (all require login). You can find the latest development version of WebApp (and the plugins) on the community download site. The changelog is also available, as well as the updated documentation!