WebApp 5.3.2 release is available

May 25, 2023

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The WebApp 5.3.2 is a minor release and brings improvements to the following bugs:

• KW-3578 Error thrown when contact is closed and check full name dialog is opened simultaneously
• KW-3714 Attendees list from Scheduling tab is not coupled with the list from Appointment tab
• KW-3773 Import ICS file with multiple events from mail attachment

Additionally the following issues without a JIRA ticket have been fixed:

• Out of office information is not loaded in large multi-server environments
• GAB (global Address Book) detail page has confusing “Alias” entry
• Embedded images are broken after forwarding/replying
• Create appointment using ‘Create appointment’ context menu item set wrong recipient

The corresponding packages can be found in the supported repositories as of today!