We are starting a new chapter …

November 23, 2021

We are starting a new chapter  in our sales and marketing!

The last few months have not been easy for us, as there have been some changes, not least in terms of personnel. We have therefore looked around and thought about the best solution for everyone. Today we start a new chapter in sales and marketing for Kopano!

From now on, bytemine GmbH from Oldenburg, Germany, as Premier Distributor, will take over operative sales tasks such as the creation of offers, subscription keys, invoices and all inquiries concerning sales and marketing. Support will also be coordinated by bytemine. The contact persons you know will still be there for you.

For more than 10 years we have been working in a special way with bytemine GmbH as a gold partner: With their great technical expertise, their employees have not only helped our customers in the past but also often in the background of our partners. Not least this has given us the confidence to put the sales and marketing of Kopano in the hands of bytemine.

With this step we will be able to operate fully on the market again. Our customers and partners will find the contact persons at bytemine to ask their questions about Kopano at any time.

But we don’t just want to improve performance in sales. We are planning a roadmap for 2022 that will show all customers and partners where Kopano is headed technically. And we’ve got our work cut out for us.

From the intensive discussions with the acting persons at bytemine we can only give the impression that they are very much looking forward to the intensification of the cooperation and will make every effort to satisfy Kopano’s customers and partners.

We are also pleased and convinced to have found a good solution.

From today, please direct all questions to the bytemine colleagues. For this purpose, the known telephone numbers and e-mail address remain.

The Kopano Team