Support and Professional Services

Your Kopano subscription comes with professional support.
Depending on the type of subscription you have different support options, as shown in the table below.


  • Support blocks i
  • Portal support
  • Phone/Email support
  • Remote support
  • High availability
  • Support for cluster installations
  • Support for multi tenant installations


  • 2Support blocks+ 1 additional block
    for every € 2000,- in order size


  • 8Support blocks+ 1 additional block
    for every € 1000,- in order size

How to get support

You purchased your subscription at one of our partners. These experts should know your setup best, so we recommend you to contact them in case of support questions. You or the partner (on your behalf) can open support tickets at the Kopano support team.

The support cases are handled by various teams. To streamline our support efforts and to enable all Kopano support engineers to help you with your request, we request that you create your support tickets in English.

Please contact our Sales-Team if additional support-blocks are required!

 A “support block”:

  • will be charged when a ticket is created
  • is valid for a maximum of 30 minutes of support time
  • when additional time is needed, additional support blocks will be charged
  • is valid for one year
  • is bound to a specific activated subscription

Getting remote support

Kopano makes use of AnyDesk for remote support, which allows a remote connection to a remote desktop. Clients are available for most commonly used platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) – they can be downloaded from the Kopano site:

Windows Linux 64Bit MacOs

To start a remote session, install the AnyDesk client on your device and share the ‘AnyDesk ID’ with the Kopano support engineer. Before the session starts, you will need to manually accept the incoming connection.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What happens if it takes more than 30 minutes to resolve my question?

Support time is charged in 30 minute increments. Each block of 30 minutes represents a support block (outlined in the table above). If it takes more than 30 and less than 61 minutes to resolve your question, 2 support blocks will be charged.

I have installed the community edition of Kopano. How do I get support?

If you do not have a paid Kopano subscription we’re not leaving you out in the cold. Check out the documentation, our knowledge base or ask your question on the forum!

What happens if the issue I reported turns out to be a bug in your software?

When a reported issue turns out to be a bug which can be reproduced in the latest version of our officially supported software versions, no support blocks will be charged at Kopano’s discretion.

Who should I call to get access to support?

You purchased your subscription at one of our partners. Your partner is the expert on the Kopano software and also knows your environment best. We therefore recommend that you contact them when you have support questions, they may be able to resolve the issue without reaching out the Kopano support team. If required, your partner can open a support ticket at Kopano support on your behalf.

Kopano Knowledge base

Visit our Knowledge base for quick start guides, handy code snippets, and troubleshooting help.

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Kopano Documentation

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Partner Portal

Contact our support team through the partner portal for both technical and licensing questions.

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