New Editor for the Kopano WebApp

January 7, 2022

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New Editor for the Kopano WebApp


In the past, we have been plagued by various, more or less severe problems with the email editor in the WebApp (and DeskApp) and found out…

Quite often the user is the problem!

Some of these problems have to do with the user’s use of the editor, you can copy in anything (really anything) you can find, but no editor can handle everything, not even editors from competing products.

In addition, each mail client handles a received message and the formatting it contains differently. Since the email client landscape is no longer dominated by Microsoft with Outlook, but almost countless email clients (e.g. the WebClient of,,, googlemail, Thuderbird, …….) are in use, you can’t be sure with any sent e-mail, how it will arrive at the recipient, unless you write a “text only” e-mail, without any formatting.

However, since this is not considered chic and does not meet the demands of an organization’s CI, very sophisticated formatting is sometimes chosen today, even if one is not sure what the recipient of such a message will see of it.

Do you have a “corporate font” in which you also compose your e-mail?

If the recipient doesn’t have this, then the mail is guaranteed to look very different on the other side than it does on yours!

Who can’t remember the hardships of web developers who had to do a lot of pull-ups for the different browser types and their different interpretations of HTLM pages in order to get a reasonably identical view of an HTML page in the different browsers. Admittedly, they were almost never identical.

The old editor made mistakes!

But there were also problems with the TinyMCE editor available in the WebApp. To distinguish the cause human and editor was not so easy. But after we are sure which problems could be assigned where, we decided to go a similar way as Google did. We adapted an editor for the WebApp (and Deskapp) that is function-optimized.

Jodit as a function optimized editor!

Important functions are available, but not every conceivable one. If you write am e-mail with a reduced variety of forms, then the probability is already high that the content will also be displayed in another e-mail program as you intended.

In the community repository the editor is already available for download.

[update 2022-01-07] In the meantime the editor is also available in the supported repos

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