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Communicate faster and better with Kopano. A flexible communication and sharing platform. Start now and compose your own working day.

Kopano webmeetings
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Web Meetings

Video conferencing with high-quality audio, video, chat and presentation tools with colleagues and externals.


File management for web: access your files anywhere and share them easily with colleagues and externals.

Kopano Core

Collaboration tools with professional email, sophisticated calendaring, contacts, tasks and much more.

Working together

Effective communication, wherever

Work together with Kopano

Kopano helps you work smarter with people within and outside your organization. A single interface gives you email, contacts, advanced calendaring, file sharing, web meetings and more.

Web meetings take advantage of high-quality audio, video, chat and presentation tools. You get instant communication whether or not your co-workers use Kopano themselves.

Keeping control

Your data, managed on your terms

Keep control with Kopano

Kopano is built on open source. That means clarity about what you’re getting, easy integration, and a transparent business model.

Kopano gives you flexible control of your data. Keep it either on-premises or in the cloud. Use our S/MIME add-on to focus on the identity of the sender and the privacy of your email.

Keep control with Kopano

Being productive

Powerful yet easy, desktop or mobile

Be productive with Kopano

We’ve made Kopano instantly familiar to anyone who has used an office suite before. All our productivity tools match the best available for functionality and ease of use. And with our integrated interface they work seamlessly together.

Kopano works on mobile as well. Push synchronization means you are always up to date whether you are in the office or on the road.