Kopano and Mattermost alternative to Slack and MS-Teams

September 21, 2017

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Kopano and Mattermost now offer open source, self-hosted collaboration alternative to Slack and MS-Teams

While disruptive technologies speed up the world, a growing number of public and private organizations require increased control over their data. Open source software is the key to such control. Kopano and Mattermost jointly bring the Slack and MS-Teams experiences into a self-hosted, transparent environment 100% under the own IT departments control.

Complete Communication and Collaboration Suite

Mattermost is now available with Kopano DeskApp and WebApp.

“Kopano aims to the be the complete platform for integrating modern, flexible communication and collaboration technologies – not just an alternative to standard groupware offerings, but going well beyond” says Brian Joseph, CEO of Kopano B.V. “The tight integration of Mattermost technology complements our existing groupware, video and file sharing solutions with ChatOps and advanced group collaboration management”.

Kopano customers demand Webmeeting integrated in ChatOps

With the upcoming Webmeeting 4 version , Kopano integrates its WebRTC solutions for video, audio and screensharing into the Mattermost chats. The first version will be shown at the Kopano conference in The Netherlands on September 28th 2017.

This is in line with Kopano’s new strategy to offer a full integrated stack of collaboration tools, but in a very flexible way. The Kopano Webmeeting 4 version can be installed and used independently from the other Kopano features. This allows the installation together with Mattermost in any organization regardless of other existing groupware solutions. Kopano continues this with the upcoming Kopano Documents feature.

Open Platform

Mattermost helps extending Kopano’s modular architecture beyond groupware to become a platform for importing, searching and managing all enterprise messaging, notifications and alerts, irrespective of how fragmented a customer’s infrastructure might be. It is built to improve how people communicate with organizations and applications and leverages an open source platform that is entirely extensible with a vast array of third party integrations and plugins.

About Kopano

Kopano is a leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software serving thousands of customers ranging from European governments to larger organizations. As a continuation of Zarafa, Kopano puts messaging, collaborative editing, video meetings, email and calendaring in one single interface.

About Mattermost

Mattermost provides enterprise-grade messaging for the world’s leading organizations on a vibrant open source platform. Our private and hybrid cloud solutions offer secure, configurable, highly-scalable messaging across web, phone and PC with archiving, search, and deep integration across in-house systems. Learn more at https://about.mattermost.com


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