Kopano Introduces Open-Source Videoconferencing App for Private Cloud

September 12, 2019

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DELFT, 12 September 2019 – In January of this year, Kopano released the first version of Meet, an open-source videoconferencing app for the private cloud. Today they announced their latest release. The new version has an improved design and includes features tailored to professional use. Because Meet can run on your own servers, it also satisfies the requirements of digital sovereignty.

Meet is peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted. This means that a conversation always takes place directly between the people in the call, with no other parties in between. It prevents third parties from intentionally or unintentionally listening in. Another technological choice made to ensure digital sovereignty was the choice to use WebRTC. Among other things, this allows people to use Meet from any browser.

Simon Eisenmann, Lead Technologist Meet: “One of the nice things about the WebRTC standard is that it is an open standard that provides free and open-source RTC that works cross-vendor. It is supported by a wide range of companies, including software giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. With Meet we bring WebRTC to people’s desktops and mobile platforms with the help of a single progressive web app.” 

Kopano Meet was developed as a progressive web app which adds a lot of value for the user. For example, people do not need to download the app from the Google or Apple app store, but can instead access Meet directly from their browser. Because the app adapts to the online environment in which it is used, interaction feels the same, no matter the device that is used.

Felix Bartels, Product Owner Meet: “With the first release of Meet we created something that no other open-source company had done before: a fast and functional progressive web app for video calling. I am proud to say that with Meet 1.0 we developed the app into a videoconferencing tool that allows enterprises to control the technology they use to communicate with their customers.”

The first release of Meet included high-definition video and audio, one-to-one video calling and group calls. In the new version, people can share their screen without having to use a plugin, have group calls with external users and send meeting requests through channels such as WhatsApp, SMS message and business chat.

Next on the Meet roadmap is the integration with Kopano WebApp and the addition of functionalities like missed-call notifications and an automatic presence status. The development team will also work on simpler ways to deploy and test Meet.

About Kopano

Kopano is a leading European provider of open-source groupware and collaboration software serving thousands of customers ranging from European governments to large enterprises. As a continuation of Zarafa, Kopano puts messaging, collaborative editing, video meetings, email and calendaring in one single interface.


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