Announcement: Kopano Groupware is going End-Of-Life in 2025

December 15, 2023

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Announcement: Kopano Groupware is going End-Of-Life in 2025

We hereby announce the official End-Of-Life (EOL) date of Kopano Groupware to be the 31st of March 2025.

The following statements accompany this announcement:

  • There will be no new features added to Kopano Groupware, it is considered feature complete.

  • Support for subscribed customers will be available until the EOL is reached.

  • Subscriptions can not be extended beyond the EOL date.

  • Sub-yearly subscription renewals can be purchased at proportionally reduced prices to ensure support until the EOL is reached.

  • Custom agreements for services beyond the EOL date can be negotiated.

Important: This announcement is only applicable to Kopano Groupware, not it’s successor product Kopano Cloud, which is available in various forms for different market segments – be it as a service or an appliance by our OEM partners.

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