Release Notes

On this page you’ll find a collection of notifications on our releases. Keep an eye on this page to know about new product introductions, the latest on new releases or sometimes just a short notification on a maintenance release.

Kopano Groupware Core Icon

Groupware Core 8.7.17

December 8, 2020

This is a maintenance release of Groupware Core, adding support for Ubuntu 20.04, improving ldap response timings, and fixing a couple of bugs.

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Kopano One – Week 49 updates

December 2, 2020

This week we updated the Kopano Groupware Core packages in Kopano One. The new version includes several fixes and improved LDAP-caching. We also made two small changes to the Kopano One dependencies

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Kopano One – Week 48 updates

November 27, 2020

A single update to the Kopano One repository this week; the files plugin received a few fixes in version 4.0.1