Release Notes

On this page you’ll find a collection of notifications on our releases. Keep an eye on this page to know about new product introductions, the latest on new releases or sometimes just a short notification on a maintenance release.

Kopano WebApp 5.3.1

November 22, 2022

With this release we have fixed a number of bugs. It will be available in the repositories from November 23.

Kopano Groupware Core Icon

Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.25

February 23, 2022

This version fixes some bugs and contains an improvement, it comes out at the same time as the new version of the WebApp (WA 5.3).

Kopano Groupware Core Icon

Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.24

October 19, 2021

This version fixes the problem that mr-process accepted meetings for already booked rooms. Also addresses a problem related to mail rejection with certain providers and problems with in high CPU load in the search area.